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I have always been interested in photography, but I never imagined myself becoming a photographer, let alone making a job of it. After several years of business school that helped me develop precision, great attention to detail and a better understanding of my clients’ needs, I realized that a career in economics was not for me. I decided to take a different path and started working in the travel and event industry, a sector in which photography is omnipresent.

One day, I improvised myself as a professional photographer during one of our events. I enjoyed it so much that my doubts and my conviction that I did not have the slightest artistic fiber disappeared. That is when it all started …

I went through the long process of obtaining a professional drone pilot's license and enrolled in numerous online photography courses. I invested all my savings in professional equipment and all the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together. My first clients trusted me to immortalize their memories with wedding or birth photos that would not fade over time. As soon as I set off to discover new horizons, my camera and my drone accompany me, I even struggle to enjoy the scenery with my own eyes rather than keeping them behind the lens. I am incredibly grateful to be able to combine a job I love with a complementary activity as a photographer that I am passionate about. Every assignment I am given allows me to invest more in the development of my skills. This is undoubtedly what defines me today, an unquenchable thirst to learn and constantly improving the way I present my vision through my lens.

BE 0716 921 456

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